• Sean, a Co-founder of Colam Property Group, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 and served on the Commerce and Industry Advisory Committee of the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants
• He was involved from the start of the CBS group of companies in 1996 as a hands on property manager and later performing the asset management role  of the individual CBS properties.
• In his role as Group CFO of CBS Property Group, he was instrumental in the conversion, re-structuring and unbundling  of all the property owning  companies to form  an unlisted public  loan stock company with shares traded on the BJM OTC market in 2003.  The subsequent listing of CBS on the JSE took place November 2005.
• He  was re-appointed as the CFO of the listed entity until the 2007 sale to the PIC which resulted in an annual compounded return of 53.7% to investors
• Sean is also a Co-Founder of Cornerstone Asset Managers and an Executive Director of British Capital Property Investment Limited – a Guernsey-domiciled, offshore listed property fund investing in UK commercial property.


• Brenda, a Co-founder of Colam Property Group, started her career as an Accountant in the Financial Services Industry and after joining CBS Property Management in 1999, completed her CCPP qualification through the University of Pretoria and SAPOA.
• Brenda’s analytical skills and attention to detail, saw her lead the accounting team of CBS through stages of exponential growth, gaining extensive experience in leadership as well as the management and analysis of property.
• After being appointed as Financial Manager in 2003, she was amongst the key role players who were instrumental in the 2005 JSE listing of CBS Property Portfolio Ltd.
• In 2005, Brenda took on a role in Asset Management for the CBS listed fund until 2008.
•She later continued to apply her experience as an independent consultant in Financial and Asset Management to a number of commercial property companies until re-joining Sean in 2011.